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BlueInsights is keen to expand its impact through collaboration and partnerships and is interested in connecting with like-minded consultants, researchers and other individuals.

Ammy Vogtlander

Ammy is an independent consultant, researcher and educator in the field of Complexity related to organizational and market dynamics. She brings over 20 years of senior level product management and strategy experience with various multi-nationals and consulting companies across the US, Europe and the Middle East. Today she helps large multi-nationals and government organizations realize their full potential; increase their impact and improve the interactions with the communities they serve.  Ammy holds a MSc in Physics and did her final research on chaos in neural networks at the Technical University Delft 

BlueInsights has partnered with Emma Cook from The Value Venture.


Emma Cook

Emma is a business strategist who combines deep industry and business insight with change management skills backed by more than 20 years experience working for large multinationals across Europe and Asia. Throughout her career, Emma has defined and implemented successful profit improvement strategies in sales, pricing, customer experience and product management. Today she applies this knowledge to guide her clients, from multiple industries and of all sizes, through the exciting journey to sustainable and profitable growth.