BlueInsights is a new venture company specialised in optimising information
discovery. Our main expertise lies in online publishing and information retrieval
processes. We build on existing collaborative models and new web technologies
to develop pioneering concepts.  Our goal is to facilitate knowledge sharing in
online communities and improve the interaction between companies and their

New venture
BlueInsights is developing a knowledge platform for professional communities,
starting with medical specialists worldwide. The platform optimises the discovery
of expert information by leveraging the user’s trusted network as an information
delivery channel. The service is offered to specialists for free and is designed to be
fully integrated in their daily workflow. It provides specialists with a more reliable
and time-efficient way to organize, evaluate and share information with their self-
selected network of trusted peers. For more information about our venture,

Consulting services
BlueInsights offers short term strategy consultancy services. We support
organizations in understanding how new web concepts and technologies impact
their business. We assist and inspire our clients to explore innovative
collaborative models that reshape the organization’s capability to innovate, build
relations and reach out to new markets.  For more information about our venture,
click here.
Our approach
The name BlueInsights
represents two essential
elements to our approach:  

Blue as in Blue Ocean
, an innovative
approach to corporate strategy
that invites companies to
create new and uncontested
market space. We encourage
organizations to re-evaluate
and restate their fundamental
contribution to and role in the
community.  Organizations can
create new markets and unlock
value by adopting new
collaborative models and
engaging their communities.

Insights as in what lies at the
heart of the creative process
that businesses undergo to
create true value for all
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