BlueInsights is a research and consulting company focused on improving organizational design and practices, based on insights from complex systems science. Our goal is to help established organizations realize their full potential and purpose; increase their impact and improve the interactions with the communities they serve.



Despite all the technological innovations, tools and analytics, many organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to continue to grow their value and impact.

What is hampering organizations to deliver significant sustainable growth?

We believe it is not a lack of resources, vision and commitment nor a resistance to change, but a gap in understanding how complex systems work.


A “complex systems” is a system of individual elements that interact in some way – be it suppliers in a value chain, traders striking deals in the City or computers linking to the Internet. Most systems around us are complex systems, including organizations and the societies they operate in. 

The common approach to understanding a complex system is to break it down into ever-smaller pieces and analyze and understand the mechanics of each component separately.  Although such a "reductionist" approach can provide helpful insights, certain aspects and behaviors of organizations can only be understood by looking at the system as a whole. This is what complexity science does.

Complexity science is a vast, interdisciplinary field that studies the rich collective behavior of complex systems. This includes phenomena such as unpredictability, synchronization and self-organization - inherent to complex systems. These concepts can be counter-intuitive and are sometimes poorly understood. Yet when clearly explained, they feel familiar to most people and provide a new and important perspective on organizational dynamics.


Despite the name, most aspects of the science of complex systems can be easily explained and translated to everyday practices.

We offer senior leaders a new and important perspective looking at organizations and their stakeholders as connected interdependent network of adaptive systems.  To help realize this shift in thinking, we have developed a set of educational modules covering the basic facts of complex system dynamics through real-world examples and translating these to key implications for organizational management. We provide practical tools to view, understand and manage the interactions and influences within organizations as well as with the outside world.


Where most organizational design practices and leadership education mainly focus on the WHAT and HOW, we dive into WHY specific practices - including practices such as purpose-led, diversity, self-organization - may be effective.  If people understand WHY they do something they are more motivated and capable to drive change.   We combine deep scientific and business insights into complex organizational dynamics with extensive experience in strategy and change management.  





BlueInsights aims to better understand and articulate barriers and enablers of impact and growth. To achieve this, we have started a research project to study organizational design, culture, and processes of successful start-ups before and after acquisition. Participating companies will be benchmarked against their peers. The results help stand-alone start-ups to better articulate the key aspects of their business underpinning their success, increasing their potential valuation. Recently acquired start-ups gain further insights in the impact of their changed environment on their continued growth.


BlueInsights offers short term strategy consultancy services. We support established companies and non-profit organizations in

  • better aligning performance measurement practices and success metrics (outputs) with the organization’s purpose (outcomes);

  • deepening the understanding of the organization’s essence and core value and ensuring they are anchored in both the strategy and operational plans;

  • improving partnerships, assisting in negotiations and/or resolving conflicting interests, by shifting the focus to a broader common purpose;

  • establishing and quantifying the value of intangible assets – essence, organizational design and processes – of acquisition candidates

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”
— Albert Einstein