BlueInsights is a research and consulting company specialized in organizational effectiveness practice and innovations based on insights from complexity science and network theory. Our goal is to help established organizations realize their full potential and purpose; increase their impact and improve the interactions with the communities they serve. Our main expertise and background lie in management and strategy with a particular focus on the links between organizational behavior, performance management and effectiveness and growth.


Why we are here

An organization’s long term success lies in its ability to create value for its customers and society. However, in the midst of turbulent change, technological innovations and pressure to deliver results quickly, this simple principle often gets pushed to the background in day to day operations. Key aspects of purpose and values can be overlooked in favor of metrics, processes and internal projects, yet they are critical to sustainable success and growth.

How we can help

BlueInsights works together with businesses and nonprofits to review and evolve their organizational structure and processes. Specifically, we look to

  • Put purpose first to accelerate success

  • Evolve the organization yet safeguard its core value and essence to lead into the future

  • Tap into the knowledge and energy of the network in- and outside the organization

  • Suspend fixing issues and turn them into opportunities to listen, learn and co create a new direction

what makes us unique

These concepts are well researched but are often looked at in isolation. We explore them as a whole and identify and implement improvements in a practical manner. Whist formulating the ambition to change requires vision, implementation requires eye for detail and a deep understanding of what is happening “on the ground”. We believe organizational transformation is most effective when it is not just supported but truly co-created by individuals in the organization. We aim to engage a diverse group of individuals across all levels and functions, tapping into their knowledge and energy to create sustainable change.




BlueInsights aims to better understand and articulate enablers of exceptional impact and growth; and identify trends and innovations in this area. To achieve this, we have started a research project to study organizational design, culture, and processes of successful start-ups before and after acquisition. Participating companies will be benchmarked against their peers. The results help stand-alone start-ups to better articulate the key aspects of their business underpinning their success, increasing their potential valuation. Recently acquired start-ups gain further insights in the impact of their changed environment on their continued growth.


BlueInsights offers short term strategy consultancy services. We assist and inspire our clients to explore innovative operating models that reshape the organization’s capability to innovate, build relations and expand their impact. We support established companies and non-profit organizations in

  • better aligning performance measurement practices and success metrics (outputs) with the organization’s purpose (outcomes);

  • deepening the understanding of the organization’s essence and core value and ensuring they are anchored in both the strategy and operational plans;

  • improving partnerships, assisting in negotiations and/or resolving conflicting interests, by shifting the focus to a broader common purpose;

  • establishing and quantifying the value of intangible assets – essence, organizational design and processes – of acquisition candidates

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”
— Albert Einstein